Monday, October 11, 2004

iPod Expectations

I was thinking about iPod sales and what they mean for Apple. It's come to a point where PC analysts are looking as closely at iPod sales figures as software analysts look at license revenues. In other words, iPod sales are the number to watch.

The chart above shows you two things. First, how iPod sales are jamin' (hence the title). And secondly, how sales took off once Apple offered the iPod for Windows in the third fiscal quarter of 2003 (that'd be early summer last year to the rest of us).

Analysts seem to be looking for north of 1,000,000 iPods sold in the last three months, a about 200% over last year's fiscal forth quarter. That would also stacks up to about 14% of Apple's revenues -- last year it was just 7% of revenues. And the hits, they keep on comin'. Posted by Hello


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