Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Slump Interrupted?

I'm going to be working on Yahoo! today, which reports earnings after the close tonight (as does Intel). Interesting time for Yahoo!, who's earnings growth slumped last quarter, demonstrating the seasonality we saw across the Internet sector (i.e. Google and eBay) in the second quarter. Does it continue?

Also, the gutsy 'sell'" rating on Google American Technology Research's by Mark Mahaney is a sign that he doesn't think Yahoo's numbers will be too strong (although he conceeds in his research note that they won't be too weak).

We'll see. Check out my hits in the second hour of Power Lunch (10 am PT) where I'll take an in-depth look at Yahoo (including Yahoo's new home page and then live with earnings on the Closing Bell (1 pm PT) after the close of the market.
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At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark Mahaney's gutsy downgrade makes sense. With Google's share at $136, the Street is looking for near perfection, which we all know is generally impossible. Even from an Internet wonderkind. The interesting question is what Yahoo will tell us about the marketplace tonight. Thanks for framing this for us. I'm only sorry you didn't weigh in a with a more definitive opinion.

Mark Boslet


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